Thursday, October 13, 2005

Getting Close to God through National Misfortune

(via Alarming News):

Karl Rove Is On The Roof

I'm not a religious guy, usually, but this stuff is almost restoring my faith in God. It's really all coming apart for the Rethuglicans. Many of the major figures of the party are under indictment, or soon will be. Iraq is a disaster. The economy is fucked. The conservative base is finally pissed about something (The Miers nomination). Bush is on his way to being the least popular president in history. What could possibly happen at this point to turn things around for him? I don't even think another terrorist attack could bring up his numbers at this point (although I'm sure it's something they're considering).

It's hard to know what to wish for. Do we impeach Bush? Then who would we end up with? Cheney? Condi? I think it's better that he finish out his term. Imagine the damage he can do to the Rethugs in 3 more years. He is destroying them, just like he's destroying the Army and the National Guard....

Fitting that Mr. Bedazzled brought up belief in God as a result of the warm-and-fuzzy he gets when contemplating the tribulations of the Administration. Reminds me of the truly loathsome variety of Narcissistic Believer who thinks that he's better because God loves him more than he loves you.

Don't know what that Higher Power behind the knee-jerk anti-Rethuglicans is (Mr. Bedazzled, I know you read Karol's post because you responded on your site) but it certainly seems able to move a certain type to moments of unpretty rapture.

For what it's worth, Mr. B., I'll give you an analogy with training wheels to support Karol's thesis, which obviously went over your head: If you claim to love the car but hate the driver, rooting for a car wreck makes you look like an idiot.


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