Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"Unhinged": Read the reviews and you don't need to read the book

Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild

Case in point:
Reviewer: Sgt. Keith Cooper (Richmond, VA.) - See all my reviews

More hate-filled rightwing propaganda from yet another shameless Republican hack.

These books are all the same: boring, badly written propaganda and filled with same LIES again and again. I'm a Marine Coprs vet (first Gulf War), and I'm sick of these rightwing traitors spreading un-American propaganda.

Malkin is a disgrace. Skip this vomitous book.

Semper Fi,

Keith Cooper

And Amazon -- stop deleting messages that criticize this book. What are you afraid of? Why are Malkin and her fellow rightwing nuts such cowards that they can't take criticism?

Well, I would guess that Amazon is deleting reviews that aren't reviews, but are instead ad hominem attacks on the author. If you can't tell the difference, Sgt. Cooper, you shouldn't be writing book reviews.

But back to the original point, I remember when I was just a young'un that Liberals prided themselves on superior reasoning as well as superior morality. The idea back then, as I recall, was that the former produced the latter.

There are negative reviews that argue that the examples Malkin cites in her book aren't representative of Liberal behavior; that's a rational argument that can be defended or attacked. Unfortunately, just from a count of negative reviews, the froth-at-the-mouth crowd seems to outnumber the rationalists by a good 10-to-1. (I'm including the people who gave the book five stars and then proceeded to equate Republicans to Nazis. So clever, that.)

(Also, it's interesting to note how few of the negative reviewers seem to have read anything other than evil Rethuglican books....)

Bottom line, I think it more than fair when "Liberals" take "Conservatives" to task for "our" looney anti-rationalists. But Liberal-folks, there are a lot of nuts to go around, and as long as "Fuck 'em" Kos is deep in the DNC's councils, you're not going to sell me on the superiority of either your intellects or your hearts.


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