Friday, May 26, 2006

What Glen Reynolds probably isn't missing

About Congress, and Congressional Republicans in particular:
1994. Again. Right? I mean, these guys were never rocket scientists, but when I see this many people acting this stupidly -- and in the face of lousy approval ratings that should be getting their attention -- I have to wonder what I'm missing.
Earmark protection, Abramoff, "outrage" over the search of "Cold Tinfoil" Jefferson's offices when said search was a political windfall for the GOP....

This ain't connect the dots, this is a freakin' five megapixel digital snapshot of how crooked our Congressional Representatives have become. I doubt Reynolds has missed this, he's just being responsible in his reporting.

Fortunately, I have no such professional obligation. Evidence suggests they're all crooks. How much does anyone want to bet Jefferson takes a whole mess o' colleagues down with him?

100% turnover. Do what you can.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

One hundred percent turnover.

That should be the public's goal for the House of Representatives this fall.
I'm serious. Every member of Congress who can be booted, should be booted. When both parties close ranks in support of a red-handed crook, the only assumption a person can make is they're all on the take and don't want the gravy train de-railed.

If your congressman faces a primary challenger, vote for the challenger. If he/she is unopposed in the primary, write someone in. In the general election, hold your nose and vote for the other party, if necessary. If he/she is unopposed in the general election, write in anyone who might be eligible to serve.