Friday, May 26, 2006

What Glen Reynolds probably isn't missing

About Congress, and Congressional Republicans in particular:
1994. Again. Right? I mean, these guys were never rocket scientists, but when I see this many people acting this stupidly -- and in the face of lousy approval ratings that should be getting their attention -- I have to wonder what I'm missing.
Earmark protection, Abramoff, "outrage" over the search of "Cold Tinfoil" Jefferson's offices when said search was a political windfall for the GOP....

This ain't connect the dots, this is a freakin' five megapixel digital snapshot of how crooked our Congressional Representatives have become. I doubt Reynolds has missed this, he's just being responsible in his reporting.

Fortunately, I have no such professional obligation. Evidence suggests they're all crooks. How much does anyone want to bet Jefferson takes a whole mess o' colleagues down with him?

100% turnover. Do what you can.


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