Monday, October 16, 2006

Beautiful Losers

What is wrong with the Left, in a nutshell:

Ned Lamont's Concession Speech (A Speech I Never Want to Hear)
Yesterday, I asked for your help in writing a speech I never want to hear: Ned Lamont's concession speech. The response was tremendous; we received all kinds of great ideas, many of which I've used in crafting the speech below.

Far too often politicians don't speak from the heart until it's too late.

Freed from their consultants, they finally summon the passion and purpose that drove them into politics in the first place -- ironically turning into the candidates they should have been all along.
I don't know, maybe looking into your hearts and trying to find something that resonates with America might be a start, and if you don't find anything, then maybe thinking about what you're carrying around in your heart might not be such a bad thing to do.

I'm not saying the crowd is always right. Far from it. But I am saying that if you're not connecting, you have a responsibility to figure out why.

Are you being stupid? Then figure out how you're being stupid.

Is the crowd being stupid?

The bloody well figure out how to make them smarter!

Because, well, just telling them they're stupid won't cut it.

And if you think it will, revisit the question of whether you're stupid.

But hey, that's real politics, and too much of the Left would prefer to be Beautiful Losers than to stoop to that.


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